Tax Deed Sales and Auctions
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Tax Deed Sales

What are Tax Deed Sales?

Tax deed sales are the forced sale of properties by tax authorities in order to recover delinquent taxes.

How Tax Deed Sales Work

To recover unpaid taxes and associated costs, a tax authority will sell to the public tax deeds on properties belonging to delinquent taxpayers. The procedure commences with public announcements of a tax deed sale, including addresses of properties, descriptions, date and time of the offering and other pertinent information. These public announcements not only invite the public to participate in the tax deed sales but also serve to notify the delinquent owners of the impending forced sale of their properties.

On the date of the sale by auction or otherwise, ownership of the real estate is transferred to the highest bidder, free and clear of all liens, mortgages, etc. However, in most jurisdictions, the sale is subject to a statutory right of redemption, which prevents the buyer from exercising full ownership over the property during the redemption period. Unencumbered ownership is only acquired once the delinquent owner�s right of redemption expires without being exercised.

Benefiting From Tax Deed Sales

A buyer of a tax deed usually obtains ownership of a property at a fraction of its market value. Full ownership may involve redemption period delays which can introduce some risks resulting from changing economic and market conditions. However, any prudent acquisition of properties at below market value is a sure path to accumulating a fortune.

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