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Tax Lien Property Sales

What are Tax Liens?

A certificate of claim or lien placed against the title of a property by a tax authority for unpaid taxes.

About Tax Lien Property Sales

In order to collect unpaid taxes and associated costs, a tax authority will sell to the public tax lien certificates on delinquent owners properties. The process starts with the government�s announcements of a tax lien sale, which usually includes property descriptions, identification of the owners, tax amounts owed, the period of time taxes were unpaid and other relevant information. The auction date is set, at which time the sale to the public proceeds. Keep in mind, what is being sold at auction is the government�s claim on the defaulting properties and not the actual real estate.

A delinquent owner of a property, usually has a delay during which time he or she can pay the back taxes, accrued interest and associated costs in order to lift the tax lien. This releases the lien on the property, terminating any potential foreclosure proceedings. However, should the owner not be able to remedy the tax default during the redemption period, the holder of the tax lien can take action to repossess the property, usually at a fraction of its market value.

Benefiting From Tax Lien Property Sales

A tax lien investor can benefit in one of two ways from his or her investment. If the tax default is corrected by the delinquent owner during the redemption period, the buyer of a tax lien can expect to earn a high rate of interest on his or her investment. On the other hand, if the tax lien is not lifted during the redemption period, the tax lien holder will foreclose on the property and become the new owner. Acquired well below market value, the foreclosing owner can now rent, sell or use the property as desired.

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